jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

What about knotting your shirt?

Un nudo aquí o allá puede dar un aire diferente a una prenda, y eso es lo que hice en esta camisa. La encontré en H&M y era de una talla enorme, pero su ridículo precio y el hecho de que sea de algodón orgánico me impulsaron a comprarla...sólo faltaba descubrir cómo llevarla! Los slippers fueron un regalo de mi hermano, y llevaba meses deseando estrenarlos con algo muy primaveral. Espero que os guste.
Blazer: ZARA. Camisa: H&M. Jeans: ZARA. Slippers: SuiteBlanco. Bolso: Fun&Basic. Reloj: Aristocrazy. Pulsera: Dayaday. Gafas: RayBan

A knot here and there and we have a completely different garment. That's what i did with this shirt that i found in H&M. It is too big, but the price was ridiculous and the label said organic cotton, so I couldn't avoid buying it...i only needed to discover how to wear it! The slippers were a gift from my brother, i've been waiting for months to use them for the first time: i wanted them to be used in a very spring-like outfit! I hope you like it!
Blazer: ZARA. Shirt: H&M. Jeans: ZARA. Slippers: SuiteBlanco. Purse: Fun&Basic. Watch: Aristocrazy. Bangle: Dayaday. Sunnies: RayBan

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